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What are Fred’s DIY building plans?


Over 5000 ready-to-go building drawings, plans and projects that are easy to build step by step.


A crystal-clear manual with every blueprint for you to understand how things work and how to get things done all by yourself.


Every building plan includes a list of materials so that you know exactly what you need and how much. This will save you tons of unnecessary expenses on materials you don’t need.

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Download 2 free building plans

Click here and here to download a PDF with 2 free building plans. You can use these plans as an example to your customers, by attaching them to your emails. 

Find our email templates down below.

Email templates

Email #1 

SUBJECT: 5.000 DIY building plans ??? 


I just came across this on the internet, and I immediately thought about you…. I think maybe this is something that you’d really like. 


Fred’s DIY building plans is a package for handymen (and women) of 5.000 drawings, with step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures. 

I immediately bought this package, and I have to say…. The quality and the amount of building plans are astonishing!

This is why I think it’s an amazing purchase: 

  • There are over 5000 ready-to-go building drawings, plans and projects that are easy to build step by step.
  • These are crystal-clear manuals with every blueprint for you to understand how things work and how to get things done all by yourself.
  • Every building plan includes a list of materials so that you know exactly what you need and how much. This will save you tons of unnecessary expenses on materials you don’t need.

The price for this package today is $67 and you can order it by clicking this link:


I would recommend you have a look at it! If you have any questions, just let me know.  



Email #2 

SUBJECT: Maybe it’s too late… (Open now)


This is important. Have you bought Fred’s DIY building plans yet?

Because it’s possible they’ll soon raise the price. 

As I told you earlier with these plans it’s the easiest way EVER to start with DIY building projects. And Fred has made them all available to download for this insanely low price. 

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to build, or if you are an experienced carpenter. They are for everybody!

So do you want access to these 5.000 DIY building plans, drawings and projects?

Make use of the offer today:


See you soon!



 Newsletter #1 (Free giveaway):

Subject: Make your own (free) bed today! (Click here)

It’s not a secret that thousands of people are saving money by making their own furniture. 

But how do they do it?! 

I’m sure a lot of them do this with Fred’s building plans, a package that contains thousands of building plans. Thanks to these plans, which are incredibly easy to use, these people have succeeded to make their own furniture (ánd save a lot of money!). 

Because Fred is a personal friend of mine, he allowed me to give you a free building plan. 

This drawing, with which you can make your own double bed, shows you how simple these drawings are. This step-by-stey guide turns everyone into a handyman!

The price for this package today is only $67. Which is an incredible price for the 5.000 drawings that you get! Download the package here #PASTE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE#. 

I wish you a good day and hopefully you will benefit from these amazing building plans!


PS. I believe you can save thousands of euros with this package, so if you need that extra push… Realize how much you will save in the long term!

Newsletter #2 (Sales mail):

Subject: Thousands of building plans within reach (Click here)

Hi friend,

If I could name one thing that saved me a lot of money the past year… It would be making furniture by myself. I did this with the building plan package from Fred, an extremely talented carpenter. 

His package consists of thousands of building plans, with which you can make almost any furniture you can think of.

Does your nursery need interior? Have you always wanted to make your own lounge sofa or cupboard? This package contains drawings for all kinds of furniture, even for a treehouse!

At the moment you can take advantage of the great price, because today this package is $67.

Curious what the package consists of? Then click here! #PASTE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE#

I hope you’ll soon find out how you can save as much money as I am saving!

Good luck!



Newsletter #3 (Free giveaway 2):

Subject: Make your own scaffolding wood bench for free! (Click here)

Hi …, 

A free building plan, where can you find that? Fred Schouten was kind enough to give me one.

And now I’m giving this building plan to you, because I would like to show you how much you can save with this package. 

Fred’s DIY building plans package contains thousands of building plans, each with an extensive explanation, so that everyone can understand and use them. It allows you to build your own furniture and by doing that save a lot of money. 

Whether you want to make a new bed, desk or carport, you can realize your dream projects with these building plans. I’m certain!

Step by step Fred tells you what to do. How great is that?

In the attachment you will find the building plan for a scaffolding wooden U-bank, a project that many handymen use. You get this drawing completely for free!

Do you want all the other (thousands) building plans? Then take advantage of the great price that Fred is offering today, $67 for 5.000 building plans. That’s amazing. 

Click here to buy the package and start building soon! #PASTE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE#

Good luck and have fun building your own stuff!



Newsletter #4 (Selling mail):

Subject: This is your last chance, download these 5.000 building plans now!

Tens of thousands of handymen have already gone before you and created the most special do-it-yourself projects. And all that with Fred’s building plans.

Because I, too, have made my furniture with Fred’s building plan package. Last year I saved an incredible amount of 4000 euros. And that while my furniture is now much more unique and amazing!

With these building plans you can make chairs, sofas, cupboards, beds, garden furniture, sheds and thousands of other furniture. And all that by yourself! Weird right?

You can save a lot of money, but you have to be fast. The offer today is just $67. For 5.000 building plans. That’s crazy.  

Click the link here #PASTE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE# to buy your package and start building amazing stuff soon! 




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