Opening with Adobe Reader and setting up:

If the bills of material are not visible, download the latest version of Adobe Reader to open the PDF files and bear in mind that:

Older versions of Adobe Reader and Windows 10 does not always display all the details on the drawing, therefore, it is important to make sure that PDF documents are opened with Adobe Reader and not with Microsoft Edge.

How to open documents with Adobe Reader?

Step 1: Find the PDF file that you would like to open and right-click on it.

This will open a context menu like the one shown below, it might be slightly different from the one in the picture, but the most important thing is that it gives you the option to change the file’s properties.

Step 2: Click on the properties and you will see a menu like the one below:

Step 3: Click on change and then choose Adobe Reader as the default program to open files with.

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