Reading Drawings

How are you supposed to read the drawings? It may not be entirely clear to you and as an example, I have selected a partial drawing to explain how the drawing can be read. Always keep in mind that all sizes are indicated in millimetres.

Example drawing that illustrates how a drawing should be read: How to assemble part A

Part A consists of the parts:

  • 4 x item 1
  • 1x item 3
  • 1x item 7
  • 1x item 25
  • 2x item 31

The dimensions of the above items can be found in the bill of materials at the bottom of this page. A bill of materials can be found on every drawing and if it is missing, you can follow the steps below:

Now, continue with the drawing below:

  1. Place the 4x item 1’s on a flat floor to start with.
  2. Place 2x item 31’s on top of it.
  3. Drill the screw holes in item 31 for ø5 mm 2 screws per side in each board. (so in this case 8 screw holes in item 31)
  4. Now screw item 31 into item 1. Put these tightly together
  5. Turn it upside down and screw item 7. (Predrill the holes ø5 mm)
  6. Now screw on item 25. (Also pre-drill the holes ø5 mm)
  7. Screw on item 3. (Also pre-drill holes ø5 mm.)
  8. Screw everything in place with screws as indicated. In this case the screws are ø5 x 50mm.

Download the pictures below here and print them out.

Material Overview

You will find several things mentioned in the material overview. There is a section that consists of item, number, materials, thickness, width and length. This can be found on every material list.

  • Item or article: This refers to as the number placed on the items shown in the drawings.
  • Quantity: This is the number of times that a item of those specific measurements are needed.
  • Material: Here you can find the material ( ie. Type of wood or metal )
  • Thickness: This refers to the thickness of the material.
  • Width: The width of the material.
  • Thickness and width together are also referred to as the head size for example 30 x 195.
  • Length: Is the length at which you should cut the wood of that particular head size.

All sizes are shown in millimetres.

You can sometimes encounter more than one dimension for a particular item, especially in the case of sofas which come in several lengths.

  • On the left: This is the length of the left side.
  • Right: This is the length of the right side.

These dimensions apply when the sofa is seen from the front as if you are standing in front of it. Underneath this, you can find measurements for size and length expressed in lowercase letters. These lowercase letters can be found in the drawings and you can find the size in millimetres under the length.

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